What Say You, Mark?

22 03 2012

That’s “Mark” as in Levin.  About this.

Why am I interested in his opinion in particular about this piece of news?

Because he, as in Levin, pounded his fists on the table and demanded partisan loyalty from Ron Paul.  He went so far as to threaten to bash in Rand Paul’s knees if Ron Paul went indy/third and took at least a million votes.

That is not partisan loyalty that Levin himself feels the need to reciprocate, in the freak circumstance of Ron Paul winning the Republican nomination.

Now we have someone whom Levin was on record as semi-endorsing, that being Rickroller Santorum, saying that he would prefer Obama to Romney.

I’ll wait to reserve judgment until I find out whether nor not he goes on the warpath against Santorum.  If he doesn’t, that will prove that none of his lunatic rantings and ravings against Ron Paul have anything to do with Obama, it will prove that he has some sort of ulterior agenda.




One response

28 03 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

Santorum: Rick “the dumb DICK” Santorum!!

Santorum NEVER should have been a candidate for president, he is a bumbling, fumbling fool when he gets away from his pre-determined talking points — he needs a teleprompter like 0bama. This guy is NOT ready for prime time.

His own state’s voters once tried to tell us by decisively voting him out and no one listened. That and he once endorsed Arlen Specter.

Stick a fork in it Santorum!! It’s over for you.


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