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25 03 2012


*  My one time kinda sorta neighbor, Jason Plummer, who should be Lieutenant Governor of Illinois now, is the Republican nominee for IL-12, from which Jerry Costello (D) is retiring.

Change just a few slight circumstances, and this is another Trayvon the Skittles Man story.

*  “We were in a major city.”  There’s your explanation right there, Einstein.

Midnight Basketball 2.0.  Remember, Knockout Martin Luther King grew out of the boxing program at the Cherokee Rec Center on the South Side.

As part of this program:

Organizers say the workshops include lessons on topics such as health care, finances , GED training, how to dress for a job interview, and how to complete a resume. Some 150 to 200 players are expected to sign up for each of this year’s four sessions.

But if they’re working, then they won’t be able to play basketball at midnight.

*  Thanks to emergency medical technology and procedures that get better by the year, homicides qua homicides are a bad acid test for how violent is a given city or jurisdiction.  The better indicator is aggravated assault, or assault with a deadly weapon.

*  Dick Durbin:  I don’t care about anti-white hate crimes in Chicago or East St. Louis, or about black and Hispanic crime in general.  But I do care about “bounties” in the NFL, which Roger Goodell has already addressed and punished.


*  I’m no biologist or geneticist, but I would have assumed that any late adolescent son of Barack and Michelle Obama would look a lot like him, or a lot like the men closely related to Michelle did in their late teens, or somewhere in between.  And socially, I would presume that “Trayvon Obama” would have nothing close to a questionable life history.

Zimmerman:  Not a “racist.”  That’s good to know, because “racism” is the worst crime anyone can commit these days.  Just about deserving of the death penalty.

I call nonsense.  Are we supposed to believe that “The Talk,” black American man edition, is ubiquitous, when the social phenomenon that was called “bastardy” in the bad old days is almost ubiquitous among today’s blacks?

A new witness supporting Zimmerman’s side of the story, but what makes me suspicious is the timing.  Like I said, I’m far from having my mind made up about the facts of the matter.

Remember when Killadelphia Mayor Michael Nutbar called for 10,000 black men?  How did that work out?

If these 10,000 NBPPs want to find Zimmerman, I think they’re going to need passports.


*  While everyone is focused on Trayvon the Skittles man, there’s news out of that same state relating to another interracial crime that most of the media have relegated to the rabbit hole.

If Federal regulations don’t bring this to fruition, then lawsuits will.

No kidding.  I wonder what the women would think if a lot of men all of a decided started “identifying” with women.  It would make for fun during shower time.

Thank goodness we don’t have this problem (for the most part) with Illinois.  There’s a really big river between us.

No hugging allowed at the Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School in Matawan, N.J.  Therefore, the only permissible way that students will be able to touch each other is to grab some condoms out of the condom bowl and have sexual intercourse.

*  What?  Did you expect a married couple who lives in Boston to have known any Republicans personally before they got involved in Republican politics?

Yes, them, and no, it wasn’t just a food fight.  Otherwise, little league coaches would be expecting a lot more from 10-year old pitchers, if they can cause bad injuries by throwing fruit.

Hispanic driver yells racial slurs at a white woman and her black son in a road rage incident near Chicago.  I guess the entire rainbow coalition is all here.

*  Look at the media spin — They’re attributing this to “bullying.”  The pictures paint a more practical explanation.

*  It was almost like taking money from a crippled boy.  Unless it actually WAS.  And of course:

Police are still searching for the man who took the money. He is described as black male with a tattoo on the back of his left arm. He is between 5 feet 6 inches and 5 feet 8 inches tall, in his 20s, and has very short hair or is bald, Williams said.

Schlafly takes on H-1B.  The last paragraph should be easy fodder for any Republican this fall, especially since Obama relied heavily on the job outsourcing issue in 2008, and H-1B is mostly the inverse of outsourcing.  I said “should be” because most of ’em agree with more H-1Bs.

He probably won’t win.  But I would vote for him, just to piss off the Chamber Pot of Commerce crowd and their useful egalitarian idiots who are having a cow over him wanting to be Sheriff.

Why are gun sales booming again?

The easy, in fact, too easy (IMHO) explanation is fear of an Obama second term and gun grabbing legislation in earnest.

But you’ll also find out that sales of non-deadly self-defense mechanisms and tools are also increasing.

The real explanation, I think, is fear of turbulence and black riots.  Not helping matters is the Trayvon the Skittles Man affair, and the proto-riotous black rabble forming.


Lost the URL, but the story said that people on the scene knew that Merah yelled “Allah u Akbar” as he sped past on his scooter.  That proves that the media knew better all along, yet they implicated “Neo-Nazis” and the entire nationalist right, including Marine Le Pen, and (to the extent that he was pandering) Nicholas Sarkozy, all the while knowing the truth.  In the United States, this would read like wire and mail fraud.  UPDATE:  That tidbit can be found in the URL below about Merah being on our no-fly list.

Yeah, they all act normal, because they’re trying to blend in.  It’s called Taqqiya.  The 9/11 hijackers did a lot of it, engaging in “normal American” stuff, even though it was a sin against the very religion in whose name they were about to hijack four airliners and fly them into buildings and landmarks.

*  Sarkozy razzle dazzle:  It’s the fault of websites.  IOW, they’re good normal people who just stumble upon the wrong websites.  What would he think of the people who put together those websites?

*  Marine Le Pen:  Dad and I told you so.

*  How fucked up in the head are these AQ types?  In this article about Merah being on the American No-Fly list, we find out the goober group that took credit used the phrase “Zionist Crusaders.”  The Zionist mentality and the Crusader mentality aren’t exactly known to be samey-same or even friendly to each other, historically speaking.  I once heard a Farrakhan-type use the phrase “Zionist KKK,” (which I used in a joking sense here a few days ago), not knowing that the Klan never much liked Jews of any sort, Zionist or not.

Sure, a “French” teacher.  Either a Muslim or a far-left white wacko.


His seven tweets were a great executive summary of the expository in the longer article.  And I mostly agree.


Yes, it was my “Aww” moment of the week.  But if duck winds up on the White House supper menu anytime soon, we’ll know…

*  I’m not surprised that a school in South Carolina would make bass fishing a varsity sport.  I’m also not surprised not to see that there will be a junior varsity squad.

No more ditching school to go fishing, I guess.

A library book taken from a Pittsburgh area school library in 1924 and just recently returned to the area happened to have stuck inside:

They also found Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s senior picture from Dormont High School. Beside it, it says: “Pet peeve — Stuck up girls. Ambition – to go to college.”

And you wonder why I voted for Ron Paul.  Though I didn’t have quite the grind toward stuck up girls that he seems to have had, even though I never went steady with any or dated any or even hung around with any.

This is damned near a perfect fit for my timeline.  It’s worth every word, and it reads like something I would write.

Unlike him, I still have my TI-81, because it’s the perfect no-frills number cruncher with solid tactile keys that does long arithmetic and other calculations fast, and this accountant prefers it to any desktop printing calculator for that purpose any day.  And I didn’t quite go to Dairy Queen after I took the SAT in June 1994.  I went to the closest fast feeder to SLU’s campus, where I took it, that being the Naugles (might have changed to Del Taco by then), on Grand between Forest Park and 40.  Yes, that’s the sombrero hat building that was in the news last year.

You will also notice that one of the questions in his sample test had to do with rap and hip-hop.  Like him, I think that if any such questions are in the real test, they are put there to assuage the bullshit “bias” accusations.  But wouldn’t that be biased against test takers who aren’t familiar with hip hop?




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25 03 2012

A new witness supporting Zimmerman’s side of the story, but what makes me suspicious is the timing. Like I said, I’m far from having my mind made up about the facts of the matter.

The witness was completely unneeded until this point thus I would assume he remained unknown until now to avoid the issues that certainly would have arisen had he bore witness against a black in the complex.

Test taking when you are out of the habit is very difficult. I learned this when I took the LSAT a few years ago.While I received a score that 61% of the test takers that year would have been happy with, I certainly was not. I think the answer to the polygon question is nine.

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