McClains Lawyer Up

28 03 2012

Morgan & Morgan….much more credible than Dewey, Cheatham & Howe.

What does all this mean?  Spike Lee might soon have to change his name to “50 Cent,” because that’s about all he’ll be worth after two lawyers named Morgan clean his clock and his bank accounts.



3 responses

28 03 2012

“The first thing they’re hoping for is an apology and a retraction by Spike Lee,” Morgan said, adding that the couple hope their story can help “heal the divide between the white and black community.”

F*ck that. F*that POS. Take him “up” from the courtside seats to where “the real fans sit”.

28 03 2012

Maybe M&M can sue for Spike Lee’s courtside seats to the Knicks, then the McClains can sell them to someone in Taiwan.

29 03 2012

Looks like it comes down to the M&Ms vs. the Skittles.

And, as you can see, no matter what, in BRA, chocolate wins.

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