Today’s Sir Skittles Stack

30 03 2012

What’s that?  Your age, or your IQ?

Daily Caller has found a second Twitter feed for Sir Skittles.

*  I normally think of 4chan as the Sillyville of the internet, but some of their regulars cracked into his social media presences.

John Hawkins picks out some of Sir Skittles’s more interesting tweets.  What do they all mean?  He was a foot soldier in the (real) war on women.

*  Nobody remembers anything.  Don’t they know what happened to Dan Rather after the fake document scandal?  ABC doctored a video of Zimmerman to try to “prove” he had no injuries, and on top of that, they outed a 13-year old Zimmerman-corroborating witness.  What does all this mean?  What else?  Begging for riots!




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