Great Street

1 04 2012

The You Know Whos did You Know What You Know Where overnight.

How’s that curfew working out?  Except I bet very few people in this mob were under 17, so even if you could enforce it, it wouldn’t have done any good.

LOL time:

In 2007, the American Planning Association named the Delmar Loop one of America’s “10 Great Streets.” It was the site of a similar large fight on April 10, 2011.

“It sucks. This is my stomping ground. This is my Loop,” Winkler lamented. “I’d just like a place to hang out without worrying about getting a stray bullet in the side of the head.”

If it’s a matter of this “Winkler” and his SWPL accoutrements versus a gang of N’Deshawntaviouses armed with pistols, it’s not going to be “your loop,” dopey.


I just thought of something.  There were two similar incidents on The Loop last year.  Remember, after the second incident, the SLPD deployed so many cops to the City’s section of The Loop that there weren’t much in the way of patrols for everywhere else in the city.  And that’s why there were no cops around when a “game” of Knockout Martin Luther King (thanks to those same You-Know-Whos) ended the life of the elderly Mr. Nyugen almost a year ago.


Official St. Louis has already chalked this up as an “anomaly.”

That’s right, it is an anomaly.  It’s the first this year.


Joe Edwards does damage control as usual:

Blueberry Hill owner Joe Edwards said the first incident was highly reminiscent of similar events last year that led to increased patrols by four area police departments.

“It’s frustrating. It’s sad for an area like this,” he said. “Nothing like this has happened in over a year and it all took place in less than two hours.”

Edwards said that the police, community leaders and business owners have already scheduled meetings to discuss the disturbances and make sure that they do not recur.

“Crime in this area is at its lowest in 40 years,” he said. “People need to realize that it will be dealt with…[and] ill behavior won’t be tolerated.”

Yeah, overall “crime in the area” might be at a four-decade low, but it won’t matter.  Just a few more of these high profile black mob incidents that are much harder to cover up than just your usual muggings, purse snatchings, smash-and-grabs and armed robberies, and The Loop becomes a ghost town overnight.  Or at least shut down at five every afternoon.




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