Mine Eyes

1 04 2012

Madison (Wisc.) Isthmus:

Faces of the achievement gap in Madison: The stories behind the statistics

In 2010, just five black and 13 Hispanic graduating seniors in the Madison Metropolitan School District were ready for college, according to data from the district and Urban League of Greater Madison. These statistics should make your heart race. If they don’t, and you’re white, you may be suffering from what anti-racism educator Tim Wise calls “the pathology of white privilege.” If you do get it and don’t take action, that is almost worse.

Only five blacks and thirteen Hispanics who graduated from Madison public high schools in 2010 were college ready?  And Tim Wise calls it a problem?

I call it an honest metric.


I read the whole thing again, and this little vignette jumped out at me:

Fact: Research suggests that arresting students at school actually increases the likelihood that they will commit future offenses.
[Source: National Council of La Raza]

La Raza, as in “for those of the race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing.”  There’s a real credible source.

But methinks they have correlation and causation a little mixed up.  It’s not that students who arrested at school will go out and commit subsequent crimes because their first arrest was at school, it’s that the kinds of students who are arrested at school would have been the kind of teenagers and adults who would have gone into a life of crime, even if they were never arrested at school.




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