Earl Speaks

4 04 2012

It was just about time for the local cracker jack box theology degree black reverends to start popping off.


Minister says Teen Mobs and Violence Symptom of Parental Void

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–With teenaged mobs and violence recently in University City and downtown St. Louis — a local minster who works with young people is warning it could be “a long hot summer.”

“What happened last weekend near the Loop is reprehensible,” said the Reverend Earl Nance Jr., of the Greater Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church.

Nance says the weekend teen mob in the Loop with arrests and a shooting two hours later may be part of a pattern that includes this week’s report of 15 teens roving downtown beating and kicking two homeless men, and robbing a 16-year old boy.

“What’s different is the diminishing of parental influence,” Nance said.

Nance says the recent teen violence — and the sporadic pattern of the knockout game — convinces him that parents are not doing their jobs.

Okay, Reverend.  What’s the underlying cause of parental insouciance?




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