Warrior Pride

13 04 2012

Funny.  This sort of thing used to be confined to SLCC’s Forest Park and Flo Valley campi.

I finally figured out why the SLCC built the new campus in Wildwood.  FoPo and Flo Valley have been mostly black for awhile, and now they’re colonizing Meramec.  Curiously, the Wildwood campus is slightly beyond the reach of St. Louis’s public transit system.

SBPDL has picked this story up.




2 responses

13 04 2012

Any studies out there on the inverse relationship of loudness to intelligence? I know I avoid loud folks as if they had the plague.

13 04 2012

Unsure, but I do know there are a lot of people who falsely conflate volume and rationality. In other words, they think that “argument” means shouting match, so they think that the way to win an argument is to scream louder than the other person. Silly ole me with my developed frontal lobe thinks that the way to win an argument is to engage in fewer logical fallacies than your opponent.

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