All the Alternates Crammed Together

14 04 2012


Family: Death of boy, 17, killed at school ‘is a bad dream’

Staff at Infinity Chicago, an alternative high school on the city’s Far South Side, thought they were doing everything they could to calm tensions between its often troubled and sometimes violent student body.

School counselors, specially trained in conflict resolution, frequently met with students to smooth over feuds.

Upon entering the school, the fewer than 50 students were subjected to metal detectors and pat downs to make sure they weren’t carrying weapons inside the building.

Despite these precautions, staff watched in horror Thursday morning as one student quickly and violently stabbed two other students as they prepared to enter the school.

The apparent target of the attack, Chris Wormely, 17, died a short time later at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

The second injured teen, described as a bystander by police, had two head wounds stitched at the hospital and was released.

When you cram a bunch of hard core gang bangers from different and rival gangs into the same “alternative” high school, and train your counselors in “conflict resolution” pablum, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise when someone gets kilt.


Prince criticized Infinity staff for not stepping in to stop the attack.

First off, what moron would stick his hands between two pit bulls engaged in a knock down drag out?  Second, if they did intervene, an army of ambulance chaser lawyers and social workers would start screaming “child abuse.”




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