Obama + Flexibility =

14 04 2012

Washington Times:

In the next couple weeks, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is expected to pass guidance that will prevent employers from conducting criminal background and credit checks on employees. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to the Office of Management and Budget last week blasting the way this decision was being made behind closed doors, before anyone has seen the actual text of the proposal. An EEOC spokesman responded that the agency has held public meetings and solicited input from stakeholders.

The Chamber also protested the economic consequences of EEOC action. “Employers are concerned that the anticipated guidance will remove or significantly limit the use of two important tools that employers use in hiring and related decisions,” the letter said. “The impact could be significant both in terms of costs but also in terms of increased exposure and risk to coworkers, customers and clients, and the public.”

Don’t worry, Chamber Pot of Commerce.  All this means is that Obama and Co. assume that the reason N’Deshawntavious isn’t a nuclear engineer is because Nuclear Engineers, Inc. asks about felony sheets and look up credit scores.  In reality, if employers aren’t allowed to ask about these things, they’ll find another context clue to use to throw N’Deshawntavious’s resume into File Thirteen.  Then he can work for the Federal government.




One response

14 04 2012
I don't understand

Who is “N’Deshawntavious”? Is that some ancient Roman ruler? I won’t support background checks for applicants until we get rid of half the useless laws on drugs and guns in this country.

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