Belated Weekend Wrap-Up

16 04 2012

I would have done this last night, but I crashed when I got home from NRA last night.


*  Rev. B.T. Chittlin’-Eater’s idle threats must have made national news, because Paul Huebl issued a travel warning.  I held back on this story until after this weekend, to see how this would all turn out.  I internally predicted that there might be a few pickets, but no riots, because B.T. Chittlin’-Eater no longer has the mojo to start a riot, if he ever did.

Much ado about nothing.

A Reverend with mojo was in town this weekend.  When he talks, the White House doesn’t listen.

Bachmann is for Akin.

*  A local lawyer, Ed Griesedieck, went up the river along with Roger Wilson.  Is that any relation to the old time brewery family?

*  While the Axl Rose and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame controversy isn’t a local issue per se, I don’t think St. Louis has yet forgiven him, even some 20 years later.


Re the Secret Service whore-mongering scandal — Even the Secret Service is big into affirmative action.

Coincidence or cluster?

*  Someone in the Top 1%, maybe even the Top 0.5%, doesn’t want to pay his fair share.

Homicides and non-fatal shootings in Chicago are way up in 1Q12 over 1Q11.  A whole article has everyone blaming every one and every thing else, but no room for the truth.  The only truthful nugget is that Chicago’s winter was warmer than usual.

*  Hmm.  Sounds like a “neighborhood watch” to me.  I wonder if they’ll run into any misbehaving white Hispanics this summer.

*  This news might be too shocking for you to bear.  I was thinking at first that I should hold it back, but I’m going to run with it because it’s better you find out about these kinds of things here than out on the streets.

Here goes:

Charles Manson was denied parole, again.

His next parole hearing won’t be for another 14 years, in contrast to the usual seven, because the California hoosegows are making a bureaucratic rule change.  That would make Manson 91 at his next parole hearing.  That probably means he has seen his last parole hearing.

*  In contrast, that crying baby’s own crying baby will still be paying for all of Obama’s spending.

*  “Wild new claims?”  Hell, by Farrakhan standards, this stuff is moderate.  This stuff is supposed to be so shocking?  Compared to what?  His solid science of spaceships and test tubes and Yakub?


A glimpse of days to come.  NYT admits:  Almost all of the world’s population growth in the coming years and decades will come from sub-Saharan Africa.


Girls gone wild.  I guess she forgot recent history:  Women who wind up in the British Royal Family by way of marriage never have a good time in Paris.


The fancy name for this is “Panspermia.”  If this kind of news and science becomes common public knowledge, I also expect it to be the title of a porn flick.

A baboon named “Dan” acquired a 308-word vocabulary.  I’ll stop there, because I know where my mind is running.

I think this can be attributed to popular culture.  This is an outgrowth of the sense of entitlement that many black women have.


NBC’s prime time ratings plunge, though I can’t figure out how that was possible.

*  I’ve heard of jerkoff cops, but this is ridiculous.

I can see why he’s in so much trouble.  The high desert of California is suffering from a water shortage, yet the do-badder just had to take a shower.


Yes, I have a lot of sports stories, so I gave them their separate section.

Keep talking, Meathead.  You’re talking yourself right out of the league.

Don’t put it past him to try actually doing that.

*  Everyone is mad at Bobby Petrino for hiring the woman that turned out to be his mistress on the school’s dime without going through the normal hiring process.  On the other hand, the normal hiring process involved affirmative action, so it probably would have been worse.

26% of all Miami residents and 37% of Miami’s Cuban-Americans will attend fewer Marlins games because of its Castro-hearting mangler.

This means that there will be a lot of empty seats at Marlins home games.

*  Carmelo “Warn a Brother” Anthony is on the Sir Skittles bandwagon.

It was one thing for me to get steamed when the Heat took a team photo in hoodies.  But the hard truth of the matter is that the whole NBA is full of Trayvons.

Mr. Be-Fruitful-and-Multiply is up to ten-by-eight on his 28th birthday.  Prediction:  He’ll be bankrupt on his 40th birthday.

Really, what’s so shocking about this?  That a man can have sex at least ten times with at least eight women between puberty and the 28th birthday?  Hell, that’s most men.  It’s just that this one has never heard of condoms.

I suppose he was too interested in pitchers and catchers for his own good.  I wonder which position he plays.

Scary part:  He works for a high school.  I should hope by now the locker rooms of that place have been searched with a fine tooth comb.




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