Ahhh, Trailer Parks

18 04 2012

Acid trip.

Even if the P-D didn’t show pictures of the “neighborhood,” I already knew that area was a trailer park, not Leave It To Beaver suburbia which is the common mental image of O’Fallon.  I know that because I have a buddy that used to live in that TP before a job promotion took him to Columbia, Missouri and into a house with a foundation.

I don’t think he ever went on an acid trip, though.




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18 04 2012

Trailer Park Boys is rather good comedy out of Canada.

Trailer parks in WV are usually close to a coal mine, or former mine. All the driveways have a SUV parked in them that is worth more than the trailer, and they almost always have a 12 foot satellite dish in the front yard.

18 04 2012

WV really isn’t tornado country, b/c the hills rip ’em apart. But around here, you’re sorta chancing it if you live in a trailer. St. Charles County can get some real mean ones, and I’m surprised that one or more haven’t ripped that particular trailer park subdivision to threads already.

The chief of the O’Fallon PD listed here was up for St. Louis City Chief a few years ago.

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