Suffer the Trees

18 04 2012

Where are the environmentalists?

The aptly-named Wisconsin Department of  Natural Resources is going to crack down on nude beach misbehavior by clear-cutting trees near the beachfront, so that bare asses will be in plain view.  The hope is that this will shame them into going away, though I don’t much think that the kind of person who drugs it up and fucks other people on nude beaches can be shamed.

First off, why do the trees have to suffer because of the misbehavior of some human beings?  Why not enforce pubic decency laws?

Second, why do people who wear clothes have to endure the visual pollution of having to gawk at the kind of fat slobs that use nude beaches?  The main problem with nude beaches is that the kind of women we want to see naked never use them.




2 responses

18 04 2012

Why not enforce pubic decency laws

Why ask why? Do they still sell Bud Dry?

18 04 2012

My boyhood home was within walking distance of the building on the A-B campus where almost all of their marketing slogans were dreamed up. And that one was probably the lamest of them all.

As for Bud Dry, I haven’t seen it in years, but I do know that I started to see a lot of less of it when Bud Ice came into the picture.

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