Sunday Wrap-Up

22 04 2012

You bet.  A lot of stories accumulated in my hopper was I was out of town.  My uncle lives well outside of a given town in south central Missouri (won’t say which one).  Cell phone service is good in town, but he’s just far enough away such that cell phone service is intermittent, which means he’s on the edge of those famous Missouri Ozarks cell phone holes.  Internet for me this past weekend meant heading into town, and luckily, the McDs has free WiFi.  And, at least in this town, all white workers.  Which means I can trust the tea.


Huh?  WTF?


*  A School Xing sign in U-City was vandalized, i.e. it was made more accurate.

Sure, lets call them “structural problems.”

Food trucks (i.e. taco trucks) are a leading indicator of encroaching barrio.

I suspect he’s more important to the local media than he is to reality.  But whatever the case may be, he’s moving to Asheville, North Carolina.  That does not surprise me at all, because Asheville is left-wing Hippie City.

*  “Saudi.”

Sunday brunch, Illinois hoosegow style.

They caught him at the MetroLink station, which is probably how he got to the bank.  Yes, it’s the same MetroLink station which is importing the ghetto into The Galleria.

There was fraud in East St. Louis.  God, how I hate redundancies.


*  “Regina Evans.”  Yep, in case you’re wondering.  The last paragraph probably means that Country Club Hills, Illinois doesn’t have anti-nepotism ordinances for its public bureaucracy.

*  CPD Supernintendo called Sarah Palin, Tea Party, NRA, “terrorists.”  Therefore, to alleviate that, he’s raising money for CAIR.

Fine, but where is there cheap oil?  I bet Joe Kennedy III has never had to worry about scraping together the money to fill up his gas tank.

They say the video is blurry.  But if they showed us that, it would answer one pressing question on my mind.

So what?  It has happened in every war in the history of human civilization.

Also, this “incident” took place more than two years ago.  Why are we hearing about it now?  Or, to ask this another way, from what is this supposed to distract us?

She removed “God.”  That’s the angle most people are locking on.

What interests me is why, here in 2012, people are still on this “We Are the World” hobby horse.  After all, it showed to be such a big failure — In the twenty-five years after the release of the WATW record, the number of starving Ethiopians tripled, and that is in spite of Eritrean secession in the meantime.

*  OTOH, smokers in New York City might finally get rights.

*  OTOH, maybe Newt’s SS detail can find him his fourth wife somewhere in Bogota.

Re-Elect Obama to stop the TP?  Don’t sweat it, Van.  That’s what John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are for.

I don’t know what Miss Priss thought she was accomplishing here.  If I didn’t know better, I would walk away from reading this latest column of hers wanting to send all my money to Sarah Brady.  Not allowing blacks to own guns?  Gee, why would anyone get a silly like that?

All snark aside, the other big problem with her contention is that there isn’t a problem here.  Non-criminal blacks that want to purchase firearms and get CCW permits (where they are issued) can do so just as well as anyone else.

Four Hispanic “teens” murder a homeless Hispanic man for all the money he had on him — A whole buck.

I hope they didn’t spend it all in one place.

Now, they’ll be spending a lot of time in a place where a buck is actually serious money.

Now the story has been changed to “raising” the standards.  When I first read this URL, it was about lowering standards.

My secret squirrel source thinks that any attempt to lower standards is basically a money saving end run.

It is now said that the LAUSD wants to raise standards so that every graduate from an LAUSD high school meets the University of California admissions standards.  That’s as illogical as Lake Wobegon where everyone is above average, because the UC system is only for those who finish at a certain percentile in their graduating class.

A cousin of Jesse “Spit in White People’s Food” Jackson?

What kind of rats?  I hope they weren’t white rats, because Miles Davis hated whites.

*  I could buy this excuse in 1998, but I can’t buy it now.  There are signs all over the place in El Paso near any road that gets close to a border crossing warning you not to cross the border with guns in tow.

Try this on for size:  He was delivering cartel-ish weapons to a cartel town because they were destined for cartel members

*  Executive summary:  Weiner was a dick.

“Why the fuck am I not on MSNBC?”  Hell, dickhead, how would anyone know if you were?

I know everyone has an opinion about everything.  But how are students in Germanic and Slavic studies, a geography professor, a grad student in geography, and the head of the religion studies department, relevant to the Sir Skittles affair?

*  Stereotypes.  They exist for no good reason at all.

*  Once again, Mexico is where Mexicans are.

Fusion Centers, RIP.

And good riddance.

These “fusion centers” were supposed to be the informational intermediary between the Federal black hats gathering the goods on Mohammed al-Terroristiqua and the Sheriff Andy Taylors and Deputy Barney Fifes swinging a baton around in Dillweed County.  In other words, they were supposed to facilitate communication between various levels of law enforcement and intelligence gathering whose specialties are way different.

As it turned out, the fusion centers were public relations clusterfucks.  First was the MIAC affair from my neck of the woods just after Nixon became Governor.  Then early last year was the AR-Tucson Nutbar non-story — The “official” explanation at the moment is that the “link” between the two was cooked up at the Arizona fusion center (ACTIC), even though that might not actually be the truth when all truth outs.

*  This Mayor claims to have a CCW permit, but wants what he calls a “clean zone” where people can’t carry.  Why would he use such disparaging language about a subset of people which includes himself?  I doubt he really has a CCW permit.

Second, why does he think there’s going to be “trouble” at the Republican convention?  Are the far left goonyfucks looking to cause trouble?  If that’s the case, I doubt many if any of them have carry permits.

*  Acceleration:  Wisconsin went from no carry to 100k permits in under a year.

*  “Clearly a sexual predator.”

Can’t judge a book by its cover, huh?

The other side of Uncle Teddy.  Which is why I sometimes cringe at his antics, which is also why I would put a fair amount of distance between him and myself if I was a politician.  I will admit to having “Cat Scratch Fever” on my “Pod” thingey (which I do).

*  Teach ’em how to have sex in every way possible, give ’em the condoms, then flood their zones with sexually suggestive entertainment.  Then we act so shocked when they follow through.

No comment from Gov. Deval Patrick.  Not in this lifetime.

*  Irony Alert:  NAACP supports SYG.  In Florida.

*  Now we know why Obama was so enthusiastic about keeping jobs in America.  That way, instead of exporting the jobs, we’ll keep the jobs here and import the foreigners.

They’re acting like some sort of crime was committed here.

Berkeley is 46% Asian, yet there are no people of color.  Gotcha.

*  It begins:  Charles Schumer compares Citizens United to segregation.  Next thing you know know, he’ll be comparing to the holo…er…actually, he won’t.  Not our Chucky.

Dear Michele:  Make ’em all bonkers.  Start talking about black holes.


Rome street names?  Sexism?  Seriously, some people just have way too much time on their hands.

Gang rape?  South Africa?  Shocking?

Wrong.  It’s the order of the day.

Just as Abraham Lincoln “liberated” the CSA.

“French” Muslims voting left-wing socialist?  How insightful.  Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that American blacks vote Democrat.

Yeah, it’s true.  But it’s a homophobic hate crime in Canada to complain about hard core gay porn interrupting your ordinary business.  I have heard that in order to graduate from a Canadian public high school, you either have to star in, direct or produce gay porn.


*  Remember, this is now said to have been a “concentration camp” environment.

LA Riots, 20 years on.  All you need to know is “changing demographics,” from black to Hispanic.  Hispanic gang-bangers are apparently the only known predator to black gang-bangers.




2 responses

22 04 2012

Internet for me this past weekend meant heading into town, and luckily, the McDs has free WiFi. And, at least in this town, all white workers. Which means I can trust the tea.

I do not eat at McDonalds, but there are two types in Chicago, all black workers or all mexican. When I still ate it, after seeing LaShantisha dig at her “hair stuff” with her nasty nails while waiting to bag my fries, I almost vomited. After that I only went to Mexican ones, but even then I would never eat the fries on top. I fell in love with Arby’s when I saw them cover the fries with a napkin when picking them up to place in the bag.

There used to be two McDonalds adjacent to the CBoT ruilding in Chicago. The black one always fucked up your order ….. always. It’s gone, the Mexican one owned by a member of the BMOA survives.Another black one two blocks away shut down too …. last time I got food there, my Big Mac had three patties, the middle bun was on the top and I don’t remember the order of the other two.

Now whenever I get to where everybody is White, I secretly crave fast food. I was riding with my mother to my sisters a few years ago for something that included food when we drove past an all white staffed Burger King, I told my mom I was starved and that I couldn’t wait and we had to go through the drive thru. That was on tasty Whopper.

22 04 2012

The fast feeders in white areas get better food. I know someone who managed a chain of JITBs in St. Louis, and he says that’s absolutely true. Blacks will eat any slop out of a clown’s head, so why waste the best food on McGhettos?

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