Why “Deportation” Is Bullshit

23 04 2012

You already knew why.

Now for some corroboration:

Immigration officials say they’ve tried to remove convicted criminal from the U.S. but no country will take him

HUEYTOWN, Alabama – Federal authorities said they have tried to remove a Palestinian man who has been arrested 35 times in 12 years in Alabama, but said other countries have refused to take him.

Sofyan Eldani, 45, was arrested by Hueytown police earlier this week after he was found during a traffic stop to be in possession of crack cocaine. Police Chief Chuck Hagler said he was frustrated to find out that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials were familiar with the convicted felon, but couldn’t send him to his native country because the U.S. doesn’t recognize Palestine as a country. Eldani said he is a native of Palestine, though he carries an Egyptian passport.

Keep this in mind when one politician or another brags about how many illegal aliens they’ve “deported.”  In bureaucratic legalese, Mr. Eldani has been “deported,” simply because the paperwork process to deport him was commenced.




4 responses

23 04 2012
Shipmaster Mahoney

Remember, we on the Right are racist for wanting illegal aliens deported. Most of these are Mexican, at least Hispanic.

But, alas!, now that Zimmerman is a “white” Hispanic, that means Hispanics are white. If Hispanics are white, then how is the Right “racist” for wanting to deport fellow “white” Hispanics (Mexicans)?

This is the logically fallacious shit in which the Left imbibes. Hispanics are only white when they are the on the wrong side of crime, but Hispanics are truly Hispanic, not white, when the victim.

23 04 2012

If Hispanics are white, then how is the Right “racist” for wanting to deport fellow “white” Hispanics (Mexicans)?

Because they’re Hispanics. And it’s racist, in fact, it’s the most racist form of racism ever invented.

Actually, I have to take that back: The most racist racism ever was naming a point of space with finite mass, infinitesimal volume and infinite density a “black hole.” An even more racist racism was naming that particular crime “blackmail.”

23 04 2012

I wanna blackball your racist statement that a black hole has finite mass but infinite density. That is I think not possible by definition of mass/volume. To put it in more difficult mathematical terms, please see:


Thank you

24 04 2012

I read so much racism in those links that I just wanted to cry uncle…Morris…Dees.

That final density is almost 4E80 tons per cubic feet. I’m glad I gave up alcohol and cut way back on food, because I was well on the road to having that kind of density around my waist.


I made a big screwup in my math. The link said that the highest possible theoretical density for a theoretical one-dimensional black hole is 1.263E85 kilograms per meter. It didn’t say kilograms per cubic meter, because we’re dealing with a theoretical one-dimensional object. Therefore, it’s not possible to translate that to a given mass per any three-dimensional space. I made my calculation above assuming 1.263E85 kg*m^-3, which it was not.

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