Stupid Media Tricks

25 04 2012

Screenshot from the WKRG-TV (CBS-5, Mobile, Alabama) story announcing what will be the first of many arrests in the hate-beating of Matthew Owens (“Now that’s for Trayvon”):

Passing the victim off as a co-perpetrator.

Clever, but not clever enough for the steel trap of a mind that I own.

Game over, media.  Insert another quarter and play again.




2 responses

25 04 2012

Was he ever convicted of domestic violence?

I don’t think domestic violence arrests should be made public unless there is a conviction of something. In some states if the police are called one person has to “go to jail” regardless, so having records like this laying around for unscrupulous media to use is wrong.

25 04 2012

I don’t think anything but actual criminal convictions should be recorded, much less made public. If an arrest is merely suspicion, and ultimately meaningless, in the legal proceedings, then it shouldn’t mean anything for public consumption.

George Zimmerman is one person who right now wishes this was the case.

You mentioned the “must arrest” doctrine for domestic violence. That’s a big feminoid project. They want both “must arrest” and “must prosecute” to be national policy, because it’s assumed that the woman won’t testify on account of battered woman slash Stockholm Syndrome. In reality, feminists are basically man-hating lesbians who are trying to delegitimize heterosexuality from a social standpoint as de facto recruitment for the lesbianism.

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