Comparable Worth

26 04 2012

He’s the executive director of the NBA players’ union.  He wanted the union to divert between seven and nine megabucks to a questionable bank, because his son was on the Board of Directors.

Yeah, bad enough.  But doesn’t it seem like small potatoes compared to things that members of that union have done or allegedly done both on and off the court?  Even in the realm of financial bad faith, it’s really not a big deal, in light of the fact that a typical member of this union is bankrupt by 45 in spite of making nine figures gross through his playing career.

Then again, Billy Hunter could always change his name to Metta World Madoff.



2 responses

26 04 2012

He’s “busting out” that bank. Ask Tony Soprano.

26 04 2012

I doubt it was anything more than elder Hunter using the NBPA’s treasury as a rescue fund for this bank in order to make its own finances more solvent so that members of the bank’s board, younger Hunter being one of them, could get larger stipends. Not exactly Sopranos-level material, but probably an attempted Federal offense nonetheless.

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