Oh Boy, This Will Really Make Things Better

26 04 2012


Lawmakers push for Marsy’s Law in Illinois

Springfield, Ill • Family members of murder victims arrived in Springfield today to support a change to the Illinois Constitution, which would further protect the rights of crime victims and their families.

Mary Kay Mace, mother of Ryanne Mace, a Northern Illinois University student who was killed when a gunman opened fire on a classroom two years ago, was denied her right to make a victim’s impact statement to her daughter’s killer.

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, director of Marsy’s Law for Illinois and founder of IllinoisVictims.org, was also denied her right to address the murderer of her sister and brother-in-law through a victim’s impact statement.

“We didn’t know we had an actual right to make that statement, to confront the killer,” Bishop-Jenkins said. “It was our only chance ever to say to him what he had done to us and to put it into the record.”

The House resolution, which was filed by state Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, calls for a constitutional amendment, which lays out specific rights for crime victims and their families, and requires law enforcement officers to notify victims of their rights.

Under Lang’s legislation, crime victims would have the right to be notified of post-trial proceedings and to be heard at any of those proceedings, they would also have the right to be notified of the defendant’s early release or parole, and have access to any documents related to the case.

Okay, I get it.  What this means is that the families of murder victims will get to tell their loved one’s assailants that they hope they spend the entire time of their seven-year prison bid to think about what they did.

At least when the murderers get out, the vic’s families will get to know where they’ll be living.  You know, the registry.

Illinois would do a lot better to bring back the death penalty, enact CCW, and repatriate most of its blacks to Liberia.

Okay, I know, I’m kidding — Illinois will never bring back the death penalty and enact CCW.

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