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27 04 2012


Washington University students offer suggestions to curb crime

St. Louis (KSDK) – From low income apartments, to parking lots and gas stations, St. Louis Police say they’re some of the most problem spots in the city. But can students from Washington University help curb the crime?

That’s what they’re trying to do. Thursday, architect and design students showed police and city leaders their suggestions.

They include better lighting, landscaping that beautifies space but doesn’t provide anywhere to hide, better control over entrances and exits, and organizing stores that make it harder to shoplift.


The Hillvale Apartments in North St. Louis was also the focus of the Washington University students’ study.

There have been more than two hundred calls to the police from the apartment complex in the last six months.


Their findings: while there are big flood lights, lighting is poor in spots like pathways.

Also, the green space should be used for terraces, gardens and barbecue pits so residents can feel a sense of ownership.

And it’s too easy for trouble-making outsiders to get in. Something Jordan, who’s lived there a couple of years, has noticed.

Better lighting, non-obstructive landscaping, controlled entrances and exits.

What does that sound like?


Which is where many denizens of this low income apartment complex (read: Section 8) either have been and/or will eventually go.




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