John McCain Supports Richard Lugar

28 04 2012

A big help that is:  Obama beat McCain in Indiana in 2008, and Indiana is traditionally a red state!

When I can, I listen to both Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage online from WFDM-FM (Franklin, Indiana, south suburban Indianapolis), as that station runs them both live (8-11 AM and 5-8 PM, respectively).  And it’s all Mourdock buys on that station.  I suppose Lugar is concentrating on TV, Mourdock on talk radio.

So I’m familiar with the Lugar-Mourdock race.

While what Mourdock ads I hear are good, he’s not taking the easy layup that is available to him, to put it in terms that Indianans would understand.  “Lugar, six terms, 36 years, too long, out of touch, can’t legally vote in Indiana.  I’m Richard Mourdock, and I approved this message.”  That’s all he needs to say.

But, that might be a moot point anyway, because a pro-Booger SuperPAC doing a lot of media buys on Indianapolis TV is throwing in the towel, 11 days before the primary.




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8 05 2012
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