Gained in Translation

3 05 2012

“Cinco De Mayo” — Translated into English, it means “Drinking Gringos.”

Yes, I already knew that — CDM is basically NBD in Old Mexico.  CDM has become just like St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras:  Historically far more important for the diaspora than the co-ethnics back in the old country, and currently just an excuse for any and every one to drink.

But CDM this year is on a Saturday.  Avoid Cherokee Street and Fairmont City.




One response

3 05 2012

F’ me.

I live 2 blocks west of the nearest Jewel Foods that I couldn’t visit on Tuesday (1st of the month). Between it and me there is a block with 12bars. F’ me.

Only good news is next week will be quiet. ….. Unless it’s hot and the 1st of the month crowd decides it’s going to Twitter it up and visit the lake, a block East …..

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