3 05 2012


Illinois officials tout program to keep Metro East teens out of prison


Redeploy offers hometown therapy, substance abuse treatment and mental health care and more. Caseworkers also provide career counseling and field trips to successful enterprises.


Melodee Hanes, the acting administrator for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, attended and said, “Keeping kids out of jail is really the right thing to do.” She asked, “Think back to when you were 16? Did you ever make a bad decision?”

Yes, I did.  And believe me, that was the worst burrito I ever ate.  It wasn’t until I was out of college that I worked up the courage to eat another burrito.

Just in case that snarky sentence went over your head, I cringe over dismissing criminal behavior as a “bad decision.”  I ranted about a similar thing a few years ago, and “bad decision” is very similar to “choices” insofar as linguistic linguine.  Yes, people make bad decisions, but the connotation of that is that all possible decisions are legitimate, but the one you made just didn’t work for you.  It’s impossible to make a “bad decision” when you commit a crime, because the law takes that particular action out of the universe of legitimate decisions.

I also remember the exact number of crimes I committed because I lacked hometown therapy, drug treatment, mental health care, career counseling and field trips to businesses:


The photo and caption?  ‘Nuff Said.  Speaking of bad decisions, he was 15 and she was 17…




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4 05 2012

How do you keep Metro East teens out of jail, prisons, and penitentiaries?

Easy. Rename them all “Safe & Secure Group Homes”.

Problem solved. Gimme another problem to solve.

4 05 2012

Why did WordPress start asking me to follow?

4 05 2012

WordPress wants me to follow all the other * or WP-based self-hosted blogs where I either leave comments or which send me traffic.

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