Berkshire’s Buckets

4 05 2012

Two and two-thirds gigabucks of operating profits in 1Q2012.

Dear Warren:  Take one of them and pay off those back taxes you owe Uncle Sam, so we can stop hearing about your godforsaken secretary.  You know, the one that’s overtaxed, yet makes somewhere between 200 and 500 a year, enough to afford two houses, one in Omaha and the other in Phoenix, and if she’s above 350, she’s in that top 1% the Occutards constantly bitch about.





One response

5 05 2012

Interesting, I didn’t know what the secretary made.

Here are the instructions for the America’s richest scumbag if he would like to voluntarily contribute:

Don Surber was very anti Warren Buffet because of this.

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