Allen West Hasn’t Jumped the Shark Yet…

5 05 2012

…But its fins are in plain view just ahead.


Allen West: Obama’s economic policies are ‘destroying the black community’

In a message on his Facebook page, West wrote:

As a Member of the Congressional Black Caucus and the House Small Business Committee, I am seriously concerned with the 13 percent unemployment number for Black Americans. The failed economic policies of President Obama are destroying the black community and lessening the chances for economic freedom while promoting economic dependence. Perhaps this is what the NAACP was afraid to hear me address.

It’s perfectly obvious that Obama’s policies have destroyed the black community.  Everyone knows it.

Except for blacks themselves.

Victims who don’t even know they’re victims.  It’s, like, you know, the perfect crime!

To be both unsnarky and fair, it isn’t just him spouting this kind of idiocy.  This passes for common knowledge among lamestream conservatives.

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