The Fine Arts in the Era of Hope and Change

5 05 2012

I know they’re high.  But it seems to me this is all a prelude to something else.  I really don’t want to know the answer, though, for once I find out, I could never un-find out.

Anyway, this fool’s career shot straight for the sky after he was popped for pointing a gun at a Chicago cop.  That’s almost the only way to make a rap career these days.  (The inverse is also true.)

The only consolation that one could take from this is that they don’t really want to shoot the cop, because they don’t want the cop to shoot and kill them, and therefore end their rap career.  What they really want is the notoriety for the arrest.

I’ve been saying for years that the identities of criminal suspects and arrestees should not be made public until after a conviction or guilty plea.  It not only protects those who happen to be innocent, but now I realize another benefit — At least until after the conviction, it prevents aspiring rappers from parlaying the publicity of the initial arrest into a contract with a label.

They say Mr. Keef was known in high school circles.  No doubt for winning a Westinghouse Prize — I’m sure a lot of CPS HS students do every year.

This incident will have a paragraph or two in Decline and Fall of the American Empire that some Chinese historian will write more than a thousand years from now.


I went back to that news story, and followed one link then another then another, and ended up at World Star Hip Hop, that great repository for thug blacks willingly uploading incriminating evidence against themselves.  This vid is of one of Mr. Keef’s younger fans and the overwhelming joy he felt to find out that his favorite rapper was free from jail.  The video title asks, “Is something wrong with this little boy?”  My answer:  Nothing that a tranquilizer gun wouldn’t cure.  This might get a footnote in Decline and Fall of the American Empire.




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5 05 2012

“that great repository for thug blacks willingly uploading incriminating evidence against themselves.”

Lol, I was completing the thought to “‘Facebook”, and adding “Charleston Thug Life” as I was reading that.

5 05 2012

There’s a part of me which thinks that some secret right wing WN/RR rich guy is funding WSHH, under the notion of letting blacks expose their own dysfunction.

5 05 2012

Somebody is funding it. You don’t run a video hosting business out of a basement. You need racks of blade servers and probably 1gb pipe, and minimum, and a shit ton of bandwidth. And the bulk of your clientèle isn’t people with credit cards (unless they have your or mine) who would support advertising.

6 05 2012
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