Sunday Wrap-Up

6 05 2012


*  That’s how CDM in Los Angeles started — A bunch of white people using the occasion of the Fifth of May to swill beer while being entertained by a few token Mexican clown acts.  Now it’s all Mexican, with the not so subtle reconquista undertones ever-present.  That’s what CDM in St. Louis will eventually become.

I am told that one of the Mex bodegas on Cherokee and California has an awning that reads, “Mexico Lives Here!”  If we’re not careful, half of Mexico is going to be living here.

OTOH, compared to what was there before, it’s a slight improvement.

I said before that we didn’t grok animal husbandry.

National story, but I have it in the local pile because Virvus Jones liked bow ties.


*  The Mayor of Seattle is an Occutard in all but name.


There is something else that will happen this year that also happened a lot in 2008 — The Obama campaign will get a lot of donations in curious un-rounded amounts (e.g. $247.83), which are probably a result of illegal non-American donations being made in a round figure then translated to the that weird US$ amount based on the exchange rate du jour.

Sounds familiar.

*  Behind every great fortune…

is a member of the House or Senate violating the laws s/he demands everyone else follow.

He’s right.  Civilized people invest in proven winners like Enron and Lehman Brothers, then stand around on a street corner with a cup in hand begging you for pocket change when they lose it all.

*  Do you have an elderly parent whose prescriptions you deal with?  Then you’ll understand exactly how something like this could happen.  Someone who works for a pharmacy practically has to be a Philadelphia lawyer to deal with it all, yet the quality of pharmacists and pharm techs seems to be getting lower by the year, especially at chain operations like the W-store and the C-store.  The situation is slightly better at pharmacies inside big boxes, but still far from perfect.

*  First, who carries their birth certificate with them at all times?

Second, why didn’t she get a replacement BC and ID when she found out they were stolen?

Third, if Pennsylvania has provisional ballots, she can vote with one of those.

I call bullshit.

*  Trust me, MSNBC.  It’s not a “small minority.”  It’s just that a lot of us won’t admit it to the pollsters and reporters.

*  Duh.  The SPLC won’t monitor Occutards because the SPLC is full of Occutards.

She’s right.  They’re not using hypnosis, because those hypnotized won’t do anything contrary to their subconsciously anchored moral codes.  It’s just that with the elderly, Asian or not, they’re not particuarly quick on the draw, and it takes them a lot longer to discern scams.

You know they will never tip on their own.  So you have to hide the gratuity in the bill.


Queen Bee Syndrome — A woman knows that a woman who is her immediate supervisor will be a “B” on wheels and never give her credit for anything.  Also, a Machiavellian-minded woman know that they have a built-in advantage if a man is her immediate supervisor — She has a sword of Damocles working over him, she can beat him down for a lot, because they both know all she has to do is scream “sexual harassment.”

*  They’re right.  This is a feature, not a bug.

I fail to see how any time locked up behind bars can be “therapeutic.”  You really have to question the sanity of someone for whom jail was therapeutic.

They work because of racism.




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