The Computer Show

6 05 2012

My favorite episode of Married With Children was S3E20, “The Computer Show.”  It’s the one when over Al’s objections, the Bundy family buys a computer.  Since the red envelope company has every episode of MWC online, you can watch it now if you’re one of their customers.  It’s as hilarious as any MWC ep, but it makes me sad in a way — I wonder whatever happened to the good ole fashioned slobcom.  And here I go, showing my age, calling a 1987-97 show “old fashioned.”

That episode aired in May 1989.  So when Marcy spouts off the specs of the machine she and Steve helped the Bundys sans Al pick out, you won’t be surprised.  She brags about its 40 megabyte hard drive.  Hell, I have a MUSIC file that’s bigger than 40 MB.


At least until the media conglomerate that owns the rights to MWC notices, this episode is on YouTube:




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