He’s Suspended And He Knows It

7 05 2012

The lies may already be halfway around the world, but it looks like the truth has finally got its boots on and is catching up.

Yahoo News:

According to ABC News, a first grader in Aurora, Colo., was suspended for singing “I’m sexy and I know it” during school, quoting a lyric from a popular LMFAO song. Though many are outraged D’Avonte Meadows was banned for three days from Sable Elementary, the move is justified and Meadows was a repeat offender.

Meadows was not just singing the song. He had been antagonizing a girl with the song and apparently had done so multiple times. The incident that landed him the suspension involved “shaking his booty” near the girl’s face.

D’Avonte…tells all.  I doubt it, but maybe this suspension will smack the smart aleck out of him, at least when he’s around the little women.



One response

7 05 2012

Why is d’aVonte’s name being used?
Bet that would piss him off if he saw how I spelled his name.
Might make him go for the saturday night special under mom’s 100 count box of condoms.


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