That’s Racist

7 05 2012


ABC, Univision teaming for news network in English

NEW YORK (AP) — ABC News and Univision on Monday announced a joint venture to create an English-language news network aimed at Latinos that will offer online content this summer and be on television next year.

Foisting the gringo tongue onto them?  Oh boy, someone’s going to hear from MALDEF pretty soon.

The venture, which does not have a name yet, is aimed at establishing a beachhead within one segment of the rapidly-growing Latino marketplace: those people born in the United States who prefer to get their news in English.

Sure, because there aren’t any TV newscasts in the English language in the United States.

And also…racismo :




One response

7 05 2012

If only it meant that we wouldn’t have to see a local news team of a meztizo, negro, arab, and white woman …… it will just be a training spot for all the top jobs ….

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