The Fourth Victim

7 05 2012

SLPD and the CA’s Office think he did this.

Aside from the three human victims, I call the graceful old house not far from my boyhood neighborhood the fourth victim.  Just from the picture, the house might be able to be repaired and renovated.

This makes me hope that all those theories I’ve been hearing about shuffling city blacks to North County using the carrot-and-stick of Section 8 vouchers are true.  Houses like these will never be built again.




4 responses

7 05 2012

Broken link.

7 05 2012

Fixed. The link on the pic worked, but the P-D must have changed the URL of their own story in the last few hours.

7 05 2012

Doh! I never try clicking on the pictures.

So I guess he figured if he could get rid of all of them by burning down the building, he wouldn’t have to burn it down after the fact to steal the bricks.

It doesn’t look like it was a bad looking hopme, at one time.

7 05 2012

If that house was just a teensy weensy bit to the the east, it would be in yuppieville, could have sold for around 300 at the height of the real estate bubble nationally which happens to coincide with the height of yuppie gentrification locally, (and it could still get around 175 today), and it would literally be a work of art.

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