8 05 2012

One of them tried to commit an armed robbery inside a police station.  The other stabbed his friend while arguing about who can have the most sex.

Which is which?

Does it really matter?




3 responses

8 05 2012

They both look like people unable to interact pleasantly in a normal world.

Next story: Lugar gone.

8 05 2012

Will get to that tomorrow. Sneak peeks: Notice the 21-point margin. Last poll had Murdock +10. Three theories: 1. Tea Party support runs under the radar, 2. They were jimmying the polls in favor of Lugar, 3. Mourdock reached a critical mass of credibility when he had a +10 poll and that swung more people his way. Probably a combo of all three.

Also in WV, a Federal prison inmate got 40% of the vote so far versus Obama in Democrat-President, the inmate won at least one county.

8 05 2012

In WV you can only vote for your party in Primaries. It’s a big statement –“Anybody but Obama”.

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