Here I Go Again, Positing Crazy Theories

8 05 2012

A Breitbartista co-authors a long piece in News Weak (sic) (!) about the vast disconnect between Obama rhetoric and Obama action on financial crimes that may have contributed to the Crash of 2008.  The usual theories about revolving doors, the culture of corruption, and extortion rackets abound.

I’m going to dive into this cold swimming pool without any acclimation.

No investigation or prosecution because Wall Street didn’t commit any crimes.

The only reason anyone thinks they did was because the Democrat-Left had to develop a meme and peddle it like soap flakes in order to distract from the complicity of their own elected politicians, appointed prosecutors and career regulatory bureaucrats, and the same actions taken by Republican-lamestream conservatives operating under the same egalitarian mentality, to make affirmative action in mortgage lending a Federal government commandment.


Steve the Sailer Man took up this issue today, saying almost the same thing — No crimes, no perfidy, just the hubris of what were thought to be perpetually increasing real estate values, and the increasing real estate values were purely a function of eviscerating mortgage lending standards for the sake of affirmative action.




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14 05 2012
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