What Has Happened to WGNU?

8 05 2012

I had trouble sleeping last night, so I let a little bit of talk radio give me the push into log-sawing territory.

WTF is going on with WGNU?  I know they were sold not long after Chuck Norman’s passing, but I didn’t expect the new owners let the station devolve into total screwballville.

The show I was listening to had as a guest someone who either was or used to be the head basketball coach at East St. Louis Senior High.  (Last name Coleman, IIRC).  For whatever reason, he had to suspend one of their better players, and that’s what he was on that show to discuss.  The player’s whole family it seems like called in to defend him against the coach.  I might have been half dozed off, but it seems to me that this given player has an “Aunt Latrina” who called in, of course to defend her nephew.

A relative of the coach (sister?) called in to defend him.

The coach also defended his emphasis on academics, though I don’t imagine that ESL HS is exactly as rigorous as Exeter Prep.

Remember when WGNU had shows and hosts that actually discussed substantive issues and engaged in thought provoking conversation?  Now we have screaming and hoopla about some flunky loser who was so bad that he got bounced off the ESL HS basketball team, which is sorta like being too short for Munchkin Land, and about some coach whose great accomplishment is life is requiring his players to do well in school, which in ESL parlance means showing up and having a pulse.




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