A Tragic Thing Happened on the Way to Incubating Future American Leaders

9 05 2012

Well, almost tragic, but for something that seems like Divine intervention.

So far, no IDs of either the suspect or victim.  The suspect…well, we have a good idea.  But I’m halfway thinking that the victim is white, because charter schools love to hire naive Can’t Teach for America types who all think they’re a real life Michelle Pfeiffer in a real life Dangerous Minds.

Read more about the school.


The 32-year old suspect, as I figured.  That’s a hard-looking 32 years old.  Probably drugs.

I doubt the vic will ever go public.  But I’m starting to doubt that she’s white, because she is said to be 35 years old.  The Can’t Teach for America twits usually flame out within one semester after their first teaching job out of college.




One response

9 05 2012

Well, if the pics are up-to-date, then you’ve got a 75% chance of being right.

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