And Then There Were None

9 05 2012


Threat of violence closes East St. Louis businesses

East St. Louis, IL (KSDK) – The threat of serious violence caused East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks to suddenly close four late-night businesses. It happened around 10:45 Tuesday night.

Mayor Parks says he got a tip that there were around ten men walking the streets with what he called “heavy artillery” and spreading the message that “someone’s going to die.” It’s not clear exactly what kind of weapons the men may have been carrying, but the mayor says the tip was enough to make him take action.

Police say there was a shooting in the Edgemont neighborhood of East St. Louis on Monday night. Mayor Parks believes Tuesday night’s threats may have been an attempt at retaliation. So, he made the decision to close Hong Kong Chop Suey, Crown Food Market, Speedway Market and Garden Grill Market. All are along State Street east of 59th Street.

That pretty much ends what passes for legitimate commerce in ESL.

Around ten men are carrying heavy artillery running the streets saying that someone’s going to die.  If you’re the Mayor, would you:  (A) Send the Police to arrest the ten men, or (B) Close four businesses?




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9 05 2012

I didn’t even know East Saint Louis had A BUSINESS – OR – even a fucking mayor XD XD XD I swear to god I just always imagined it was something like an american version of Somalia with black people running around killing each other, prostitutes and drug dealers doing the only business and every single business, storefront, office building, strip mall, empty and boarded up on the front.

9 05 2012

Your imagination is not betraying you for the most part.

But of course it has to have a mayor. Someone has to be the “Chief!” Or, in the case of ESL, the biggest minnow in the puddle.

10 05 2012

ESL Mayor Tells Residents “Thugs Rule”, Forces Food Desert on Residents.

Resedents respond by raising chid-ren to be thugs.
It’s Chili Cheese Fritos and Strawberry Fanta for all in ESL.

11 05 2012

OH YEAH, I definitely would want to send some Swat teams or National Guardsmen out there to ‘take care’ of that problem. How dare some crappy politicians allow a few really foul feral animals to ‘run the streets’ because they have illegal weapons and are ready to “kill people” will closing the clubs make them LESS ready to kill people? UH, no !! THEY’RE STILL OUT THERE, stupid stupid AARGH.

11 05 2012

BTW, your GloBun Crusader blog — Can we expect posts on it? If so and if I like what you do (And from your comments here, that will probably be the case), I’ll add it to my blogroll.

11 05 2012

Oh crap LOLLL I’ll be honest I had forgotten that I set that up – long story, but, moved back and forth from Europe to Memphis and it messed me up.

I am ‘just now’ starting a blog called, but, I’m having a really hard time because I can’t decide how I want to play it. Totally angry “nigger hater” or just reporting the plain news as horrible as it is, while commenting on how horrible it is….

Could you do me a favor and just glance at it? I haven’t tried to do anything to get traffic, because I guess I’m just still on the fence about it.

I have a hard time writing without writing a damned essay about it, because I can type over 100 WPM and before I know it, there’s more than most people would read there. I really need some advice.

Small history – born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee 70% black town (total shit, as you probably know) grew up around them, went to public school around them (often the only white kid in class) been harassed by them, persecuted, oppressed (seriously) and also lost my beautiful 15 year old son, because of them.
Needless to say, I despise them and I despise the ridiculous liberal agenda that allows this kind of shit to happen unchecked and the consequences ‘jail’ big deal to them, they’re all in jail. They don’t care. The flash mobs usually result in NO arrests, or if they do, just minor charges like ‘misdemeanor assault’.

You’re the first person to ever ask me about that or to say anything to me about ‘blogging.


11 05 2012


First, learning how to keep your posts short and concise is an art form that is almost always an acquired habit. I too can type rapidly, but not quite 100 wpm. By this fall, I will have written 10,000 posts on this medium, and over time, I have forced myself into shorter posts. What inculcated that habit into me is reading other blogs. I don’t like reading long blog posts, therefore, I don’t write them anymore unless the length is necessary. Even my long posts these days are laconic.

Split the difference between “angry” and “reporting.” In other words, learn how to be somewhat angry and somewhat journalistic at the same time. You might want to take the edge off some of the “language,” and I could do without the almost naked pictures. Then again, you’re not me, and I’m not you. Maybe there’s an audience for that sort of thing. I wish there was a bigger audience for what I do in the way I do it. If your stats outpace mine, I just might have to start acting more like you. (LOL)

13 05 2012

HAHA yeah well, the ‘almost naked’ picture, those are the real pictures from the ‘penis removed’ men, so that’s what I posted. Now, me personally, I am a gore freak & love true images of gore, death, beaten up people, etc., and always want to ‘see it like it is’ without cover ups for my delicate sensitivities, because I no longer have any (ha!)
I find it VERY hard not to use my hard language, because I really just hate them so effing much and I was kind of hoping they would get really angry about it. But, my mom said the same thing…People take you more seriously…so I WILL give it a try – the legitimate way !!! :D haha

on the other hand ChimpOut and Irate Irishman got mad stats, and they are FULL UP of language. Have you seen the Irate Irishman’s blog?
Check it – he is always way current on awful news, is hysterically funny in his writing ability -and he has been around for several YEARS, has a excellent following. You can find good stories just by reading his blog. He keeps it short too, man. I gotta FORCE myself to do that.

There’s another blog on, I hate to list the name in case you don’t want it here, just delete it if you want – but here it is

that blog is the reason I chose figuring if he could run THAT blog, I’d be okay writing this crazy mess.

I started this blog in response to

a white hate blog that claims white women purposefully take their 10 year old daughters to black neighborhoods and teach them to ‘stoop over’ to expose their genitals to black males; that god hates whites and kills them with melanoma; that all blacks who kill or rape whites are REPARATIONS PROTESTERS and are not guilty of anything because whites are evil and should die; that all white victims are deserving because they are ”reparations deniers”
that particular link the owner talks about the rape of a white woman with aspergers syndrome autism – claiming she either bent over as an invitation for rape (like a dog) or that her aspergers leads her to be a “nigger word thinker” (people who THINK the word but never say it & blacks can READ OUR MINDS and therefore attack ‘nigger word thinkers’) so those ‘victims’ are not ‘innocent’ – I mean FOUL AND DISGUSTING. the sickest crap I’ve ever read – there are SO MANY of these blogs I found after finding this one, it’s really disgusting. Check it out.

13 05 2012


About that CollectiveUnderground blog — Stomach turning. Yes. But it’s going to take the other side being as kooky and outrageous as they can in order to wake our people up. Like I’ve said on AR, blacks aren’t truly dangerous until they start dressing up in business suits and start yammering about civil rights and fairness. If they riot and thug it up, they might kill you, but then they’re “the other” enough for white people to get the gravity of the situation. When they start going all NAACP, then they’re more akin to the AIDS virus, destroying your long-term ability to fight back.

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