Rams Are Male Sheep

9 05 2012

Which, like taxpayers, occasionally get fleeced.


Sources tell Fox 2 News that the biggest part of what the Rams want, involves tearing out the current roof on the dome and installing a retractable roof.

Construction experts have told us in the past that putting in such a roof would be almost impossible without major structural changes to the dome building itself, very expensive changes.

The Dallas Cowboys new stadium has a billion dollar facility with a retractable roof. Experts claim retrofitting an existing building with a retractable roof could cost between $200 and $300 million for the roof itself and other changes to the building.

If it’s 300, then that’s more than the early 1990s cost of the dome itself, 280.  I also imagine that Kroenke wants renovations beyond just the RR, which will be another good hunk of money.

Now I see where this is going.  Kroenke wants to own an NFL team in Los Angeles.  So he’s highballing the CVC for demands he knows they could never meet, in order to come to an impasse.  From there, I see one of two things happening — One, either the Rams move back to LA at the end of the lease in 2015, or two, Shahid Khan, who wanted to buy the Rams in the first place but Kroenke exercised his contract rights, will move his Jacksonville Jaguars to LA before 2015, and they’ll swap teams.  Then Khan will pay for these renovations out of his own pocket and negotiate a new dome lease with the CVC.




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