Wednesday Wrap-Up

9 05 2012


WU Law Review published a piece co-authored by the Instapundit on the jurisprudence of recording the work of uniformed law enforcement officers.

*  OTOH, WU Law is starting an online program for non-Americans to get a degree from an American law school.  Gee, you don’t think this is part of a cheap labor power play to drive down the wage and salary scale in the legal profession, do you?

This speaks all:

Interstate 55-70 is a heavily patrolled, known drug corridor. In Illinois, police departments can keep a portion of drug money they seize.

You don’t think there’s a direct incentive here for a cop to plant a bag of weed in your car so he can seize the $200 or so in your wallet as “drug money,” do you?  Especially if his department’s budget is on the rocks.

*  “Keep Gym In School?”  Why is gym being taken out of certain schools?  Answer:  Because they need the time to teach their diverse student bodies the basics, because the President said that it was soft bigotry if we didn’t expect students with 85 IQs to become neurosurgeons.  When a new President comes along, his wife starts bitching that the kids are getting fat on account of no gym class.  Then again, elementary school gym class was never that strenuous anyway.

Another taboo reason why schools are jettisoning gym class is because they’re scared that the ole gym teacher has those Jerry Sandusky proclivities.

What could account for the discrepancy?  I guess it’s because a certain population tends to suffer from “lead poisoning,” and that drags down their average.

*  Proof that choosing the right parents is the key to success — The talentless knave is getting yet another show.

*  The existing Delmar Loop sits on the precipice of a hundred thousand Trayvons, and therefore suffers the predictable flash mob at about a once a year average.  Now, they want to go and put another Delmar Loop in what happens to be a white liberal oasis with ghetto on all sides.  You can pretty much pre-author the news stories about flash mobs and/or Knockout Martin Luther King, but leave open spaces for the dates.

*  “Police said the victim is not cooperating with the investigation.”  Meaning he’s the same kind of thug banger as the person or people that shot him.


Two Minutes Hate.

*  GMTA.  Rush and I both had the same theory to why they’re doing this — They’re trying to pad the stats of the number of those who are taking WH tours.

*  “Look like a protester?”  Might as well smell like them, too.  If you work in a Chicago high rise in the NATO area, best to take your last shower on the Tuesday before the summit.

*  “The man and woman’s relationship was unclear.”  Not that I’m particularly cheering for him after what he supposedly did what he is accused of doing, but I hope for his sake that the precise details of their relationship stay unclear.

I wonder if Manuel Ramos qualifies as a “white Hispanic.”

The headline is half right, at least.

*  Bullshit.  This had nothing to do with procedural hangups.  I can tell you why they’re backing off.  Four reasons:  Mourdock, Amendment One, Scott Walker, Keith Judd.

Hey, we’re finally getting it right.  It doesn’t matter if fraud is “rare,” it’s that politics are games of margins, and it affects the outcome.


Marine Le Pen celebrates Joan of Arc’s 600th birthday.

And you know, the ole girl doesn’t look a day over 475.


This news doesn’t settle the “great taste less filling” debate between the hygiene hypothesis and premature birth as the prime cause of allergies.  I don’t imagine many expectant Amish women deliver prematurely for stress, and the Amish can’t use air cleaners and filters.

It won’t be just people with CCW permits buying these drawers.  People are carrying around so much junk, like phones and pads and pods, and you need a lot of pockets for all that stuff.  The pocket that can fit a Luger (not Richard Lugar) is the pocket that can contain an pad.

*  Other than the lameness of movies, I’m not surprised that today’s young people aren’t as taken with movie stars as previous generations were.  Why fawn over a star when everyone’s a star on YouTube?

*  Yeah, they want you to believe that his conscience got to him.  I have a more practical theory — The hint is “37 years old.”  His rap career ran out of steam, he blew through whatever money he made, and he ran out of relatives and friends to mooch from.  So he had no choice but to fess up to the heretofore unsolved past crimes that almost all rappers have committed, and become a guest of the state.

Wouldn’t let go of the gum, even though he got his hand stuck in the machine trying to purloin the gum.  Why am I not surprised?


Imagine the hysteria if this happened today.

East Germany, then and now.  Be mindful of the fact that “then” wasn’t so long ago, even though it looks it.

One of these days, when we repudiate BRA, we’ll be able to repair our own cities in this way.




2 responses

9 05 2012

“Look like a protester?“ …. Nope, I’ll look like a worker … f’em.

Would you want to ride around in a car with 4 of those woman’s kids?

A Trayvon Amendment?

Amish kids play in dirt.

It might not be movie stars but the young people are even more star struck just for different idiots. Group assembled by Mica Nafshun-Bone? She’s 15, how long you think she’s been nashuning bones?

Poor little Terrell Parks Jr., got caught with his hand in the cookie jar I mean gumball machine. Probably told his dad “dat gum matchine be a bitch I be goin get up in dat and get me sum”.

9 05 2012

Probably told his dad “dat gum matchine be a bitch I be goin get up in dat and get me sum”.

A vicarious form of rape. Hmmmm. The kid probably realizes at least from all the suggestive influences around him that he can’t do “that” with “that” and with “them” for another 10 years or so, so best to try it in another form.

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