Proving My Point

10 05 2012

Me, April 24:

Don’t expect any excitement from this nominee.  [Romney’s] whole strategy from now until November is going to be nothing more than simply being the other guy on the ballot while Obama and/or the world screws up.

PJB’s latest column, today:

But Obama may also have just solved Mitt Romney’s big problem: How does Mitt get all those evangelical Christians and cultural conservatives not only to vote for him but to work for him?

Politico, today:

Mitt Romney’s opposition to gay marriage unites base

Social conservatives who doubted Mitt Romney now have a reason to rally around him after President Obama’s embrace of gay marriage.

Despite the fact that very conservative and religious voters didn’t support Romney in the primary, their fierce opposition to the issue will give the presumptive GOP nominee a way to harness conservative enthusiasm in November.

And for Romney, whose position on same-sex marriage has been consistent over the years, conservative activists say Obama’s declaration may be a way for Romney to finally prove to his bona-fides to voters on the right who have always been suspicious that he’s not one of them.


But it’s unclear that Romneyland plans to aggressively use the issue to their advantage — at least among the general public. Reacting to Obama’s announcement, Romney was muted, reiterating his opposition to gay marriage and calling it a “very tender and sensitive topic, as are many social issues.”





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