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11 05 2012

Found this story on AR yesterday, as AR ran with “Eboni,” and someone fed this story into the comments as a comparable news item.

He got into Harvard Med because of his undergraduate grades and his MCAT score (which, curiously, is not given in this article).  I don’t think that having a rough childhood is somehow comparable to grades, test scores, intelligence and abilities, and definitely not a substitute for them.




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11 05 2012

Taylor will receive his bachelor’s degree in public health after finishing first in his class of 2,000 with a perfect 4.0 grade-point average. Having completed his coursework in three years, he has won a full scholarship to Harvard Medical School – the first ODU student ever to do so.

There are so many things that don’t make sense ….but the biggest is that he essentially quit school in 9th grade but was able to score high enough on the ASVAB to get into nuclear power in the Navy?

Then he goes to ODU:
SAT Math:
480 – 580
SAT Verbal:
480 – 570
ACT Composite:
18 – 23

A school 22% Trayvon that has a 24% four year grad rate and a 51% six year rate that USNews says “It is selective — with an acceptance rate of 69.3 percent and an early acceptance rate of 76.0 percent.”.

Trust me this future surgeon will never stick a knife in me.

I think military do well in college not because they can do the work at a superior level, but because they can generally and do follow directions well and are good with time management (papers in on time).

Yeah, he’s an Eboni.

I still question the 4.0, you have to be spectacular to be 4.0 on my opinion (okay I D’ed Music Apprec…) Maybe they do a lot of group projects at ODU — something I started refusing to participate in during high school, my work stands on my own, and nobody else rides on my grade.

11 05 2012

A lot of schools artificially lower their acceptance rates (lower the “better”) by spamming HS students with applications, especially students who have no chance of being admitted. That way, when a dumb slug gets an application from ODU in the mail, or a very good but not great student gets an application from Harvard in the mail, they’re so proud of themselves because just getting the form in the mail “must mean they actually want me.” When they don’t, they just want you to apply so they can turn you down to lower their acceptance rate, which drives up their USNWR rankings.

12 05 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

It’s a scam.

The dumb slug not only thinks the Ivy wants him, if he’s non-White his application is PAID FOR by the state!! (UCs applications are $70 for EACH ONE for us Kulaks) — so he has nothing to lose. He has school employees (some just as dumb) falling all over themselves to help him apply to major universities (so they can take credit too).

Year after year we watch non-White bottom of the barrel, marginal students who aren’t even junior college material send in paid-for applications to Harvard, Yale, U of Chicago, Columbia, etc. — knowing they don’t have a PRAYER of being accepted. All so these snooty U’s can say they have “more applicants than ever!” and that they “only accept 1 or 2% of those who apply.”

Yeah, tell everyone you know, those U’s aren’t cracked up to what they say they are.


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