More LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH Community Funnies

11 05 2012

He’s 30.  He’s 18.  And that’s “controversial” in the local LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH community?

For what?  AOC in this state is 17, so it’s legal.  I’m going to go out on a limb, put my “credibility” at risk, and assume that the relationship involves a little more than the 30-year old helping the 18-year old with his English Literature term papers.  (Yes, dummy, I’m saying they’re having sex.)  Why would the noble LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTHers around here have a problem with homosexual sex?

I’ll put this whole “controversy” to bed (no pun intended) with a one hyphenated word:


Note:  The answer to your obvious question can be found at the end of my FAQ.




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11 05 2012

RFT did a story on this a few days ago. It all boils down to this. One of the previous leaders of this organization was sent to prison for having sex with a 14-year old. I guess the controversy is that the board members of Pride St. Louis fear that if their new leader likes ’em young but legal, that he might also like them young and illegal, and they don’t need to go through that again.

12 05 2012

Showing that they have nothing to be ashamed of, Barnett was Bender’s date at the younger man’s prom. Barnett said he made sure they had approval from the principal to attend.

And what will the school say when when the prom becomes “Senior” prom.
Oh wait, that’s probably what they want, then teachers can ask the student they are fucking to transfer to another school so they can take them to the prom.

13 05 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

At the prom, are they going to play the Hendrix song that goes…

“Excuse me while I kiss this guy…” ???


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