Fun With Mother’s Day Headlines

13 05 2012

CBS Seattle:  Woman Attacked By Boyfriend’s Pet Lynx

That’s what she gets for going with a man who has a pet lynx.  He, OTOH, will now have to choose between his lynx and a “pussy” of another sort.

Twitchy:  Cher doesn’t want to breathe the same air as Romney and his ‘racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters’

Good, this means she’ll stop breathing.  She’s been a waste of oxygen for awhile anyway.

CBS Tampa:  Orangutans At Miami Zoo Use iPads To Communicate

If your job requires you to use an iPad, be very worried.

ABC:  This Is Not a Joke: Government Issues Study of a Study About Studies

Also not a joke is how much the study about studies cost you.

Big Hollywood:  ‘Will & Grace’ Creator: Biden’s Same-Sex Declaration ‘Choreographed’

Because finding homosexuality and choreography in the same sentence is so surprising.




2 responses

13 05 2012

Let’s put a black plastic garbage bag over Cher’s head so she doesn’t have to breathe any Romney air. That way we won’t have to look at her plasticized face either.

13 05 2012

Next thing you know, the orangutans will be using smartphones.

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