Mother’s Day Wrap-Up

13 05 2012


This happened during a career day at school.  First, when are kindergarten students supposed to be worried about a career?

Second, I suppose this kid better get used to it.  His career will probably involve handcuffs and squad cars as a job hazard.

St. Louis is getting a black history wax museum.  ($7.50 admission)  In related news, it has a Maytag repairman that’s also not very busy.

I guess they were just trying to get the hardware to be able to upgrade to Windows 8.


No good deed goes unpunished.

The number of left wingers and Democrats who will whine about him “not paying his fair share” will be just about zero.

Somewhere between 10 and 15 black thugs could take 20,000 mostly white fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Then again, white RHCP fans don’t seem to me like they’re ready for another Pickett’s Charge.

Food Stamp Ph.Ds.  I take this to mean that there are way too many junk Ph.D. programs.

When the Securities and Exchange Commission files a complaint against someone, you expect that someone to look like you, or me, or Bernie Madoff.

The Other Side of the Track, speaking quite literally.

*  If you ran a scrap yard, and someone came to your establishment to hawk manhole covers, wouldn’t you be at least a little suspicious?

Obama raised a megabuck in an hour and a half the evening he somewhat came out for gay “marriage.”

I don’t take those donors as politically sophisticated.  I knew all along that Obama was for gay “marriage,” and that any opposition on his part was pure political expediency that he would dump at the first moment that he didn’t need it or that his expedience was too costly for him.  Now we know why he showed his true colors now — His campaign needs the money.

*  Along those lines, Obama’s online store now has a full range of “LGBT” merchandise.  That’s discriminatory, because it leaves out the QMIA.

*  Don’t doubt me when I say this — One of Obama’s real motivations for repealing DADT and trying to get DOMA repealed is to get back at Bill Clinton, who enacted the former and signed the latter.

A Dallas mall now has a 6 PM daily curfew for 17 and under.  It’s like the Galleria’s PGR policy, except this one applies to every day, not just weekends.  The article itself gives every excuse in the book in order to avoid telling the truth.  But the first comment cuts to the chase and tells the truth.

Notice that it says that mall security will be checking IDs.  You mean the same people who have a photo ID to patronize a mall can’t use that same ID to vote?

There’s a gang operating within the anti-gang unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.

What do you think brought that about?  (Whispers softly:  Affirmative action)

Mohammed and Watts.  I can assure you we’re not dealing with Friday and Gannon.  (Whispers softly again:  Affirmative action)

What if I want to post an image here of Barack Obama in a noose?  I wonder how well that would go over.  I know I would get a “visit.”

It’s kindergarten.  It’s not exactly Harvard.  Chill freaking out.

Marquel and Maudrecus:  Speaks all.  Andrew Peterson:  You need to use Google Image Search to find out that he shares something in common with the first two property liberation specialists.


This is an example of one of those family values that don’t stop at the Rio Grande.

*  Pardon me, but I thought we weren’t supposed to be “vigilantes.”

Hollande got 93% of the Muslim vote in France.

Libya discovers:  Our diversity is not our strength.  The only reason it was ever halfway functional is that it had a dictator Colonel keeping a lid on all that “vibrancy.”


Don’t think you’ll be able to drink from it.  The black hole is sucking in the water vapor and breaking down the hydrogen and oxygen atoms into its most fundamental building blocks.

Notice they threw in the obligatory boo hoo about drought-stricken Somalians and Kenyans.  If we didn’t “rescue” them with humanitarian aid, there wouldn’t be all these drought-stricken Somalians and Kenyans to begin with, because the population would be sustainable to its climate, far lower than it is now.




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13 05 2012

Wax museum: $7.50 is 75% of the cost of a dime bad. Just saying.

Ph.D.s with food stamps: Has H1B driven down salaries in colleges?

Maudrecus: Did Maude Findlay have a son on the side by a black?

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