“No Cost Estimates”

14 05 2012

We do know officially now that Kroenke wants a kinda sorta retractable roof and major expansion of the structure to the east, to allow for enough expandable temporary seating for the Dome to host a Super Bowl.

What don’t we know?  Right.

Here’s the part that has always mystified me:

According to the lease, the Rams are free to terminate the lease as early as 2015 if the CVC fails to keep the Dome a “first-tier” stadium, or one that’s better than three-quarters of all National Football League venues in 15 categories. If the Rams and the CVC can’t agree on a renovation plan satisfying the lease requirement by June 15, the matter goes into arbitration.

Who or what gets to decide the criterion of “better” or “worse?”  Is there language in the lease defining that, or is it a subjective matter to one or both sides?  I would hope that in a well-written contract, it’s both in the contract and well-written language.

One more thing:  If this happens, I think it and City to River would be a nice pairing.


Conceptual drawings.  The “retractable roof” isn’t really, it’s basically a sunroof without the translucency.  Also, I now think even more strongly that a Memorial Drive in place of the elevated section of I-70 would look a lot better.


City Hall estimates the tab to be $700 million, two and a half times more than the cost of the original dome.  The comment below about it costing a gigabuck wasn’t too far off the mark.  Along with that, the dome would have to be closed for as many as three years for reconstruction.  There is nothing close to a suitable temporary football stadium anywhere near St. Louis; I suppose they would have to perch at Faurot Field for three seasons.  I know the Chicago Bears played one season at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana while Soldier Field was being renovated, but it’s something quite a bit different to take a St. Louis team and plop it in the middle of the state halfway to another NFL market for three years.  The time requirements and the cost are prohibitive, and I think Kroenke nows it.  That’s why Kroenke made these demands, because he knows and wants the answer to be no, so he can move ’em back to L.A.




2 responses

14 05 2012

I have a cost estimate right here: Ten figures. Meanwhile, the Rams just hired a coach who is run and defense in a passing league.

14 05 2012

MLB: we want our own stadium. NFL: we want our own stadium. The new stadium will never pay for itself regardless of what entertainment revenues they cite, and in 20 years they will want another one. Just tell the Rams to go f”k themselves. They aren’t your team anyways, your team left years ago. We need to put an end to the NFL welfare train. These stadiums sit empty for most of the year generating no other revenue, because the owners fear damage to them.

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