Obama Might Not Win the Arkansas Democrat Primary

15 05 2012

This time, the token opposition is not a convicted felon and Federal prison inmate.

Seriously.  The President’s Secretary of State’s husband was Governor of Arkansas for twelve years.  The state has a lot of black voters.  The token candidate ought not get above the low single digits.





2 responses

15 05 2012

I think he might be able to do this. Gayness and black, black wins, but there will be low turn out by blacks.

15 05 2012

HRC won AR vs Obama in 2008, so even with jazzed blacks, the white still won. Now there’s no reason for the blacks to turn out b/c the black will win the nomination anyway. One might say that they want to save Obama the embarrassment, but that’s a little bit too much of abstraction to drive high black turnout.

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