3 AM Call

16 05 2012

Through almost all of 2010, this was the 3 AM phone call I dreaded.  Luckily, I never got such a call, and the odds were low anyway.  First off, all five stations I managed weren’t open 24/7, even though people could still buy gas with credit and debit cards all night.  Second, none of the stations were in the ghetto.

If a ghetto quickie mart isn’t working its counter clerks behind bullet proof glass, then they’re liable for gross negligence, IMHO.

What’s most disconcerting here is how the cops got it so wrong.  This is atypical of the usually on-the-ball SLPD.


P-D quotes the proprietor as saying of his customers, “they’re crazy here sometimes.”

Yeah, that’s what happens when your clientele is N’Deshawntavious, N’D’Mario, Boo, Nu’Keese, Quentric, Quintavious, Shitavious, Latrina, Aquanetta, Lemonjello, Orangejello, Euphemiette and Shuntrice.




2 responses

16 05 2012

The police spokesperson says detectives are working some good leads and they viewed the surveillance video but did not get a copy of it.

Think maybe the rejected credit card might be a clue …..

16 05 2012

He shouldn’t have come out from behind that bullet proof glass. He also shouldn’t have shown his gun.

Thing is, there are, some type of, middle easterners who buy some stock and open these micro convenience stores in North St. Louis. I’m not talking the ones with three guys behind the counter, but the ones with one guy. None of which have the bullet proof glass. Dangerous stuff.

I also remember working the night shift in a Village Pantry. College town, but the clientele was rather declasse. There were times I had a 7mm Rem Mag behind the counter because I felt more secure with it. It’s all the gun I had at the time. I’d put it in the car early in the morning because the management frowned on weapons. The place did have a fake camera ‘though, lol. As it turned out, I never had any serious problems, but I did have to cover for a guy who quit when he was dragged around the store at gunpoint for half an hour.

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