Quentric in the Slam (Again)

16 05 2012

He knew martial arts.

He had a gun.

Guess who won.

Lost in the fact that is that “Quentric” has another kill on his hands.  When the sheriff’s deputies were chasing after him in a high speed pursuit, one of the deputies in the pursuit ran over and killed a pedestrian.  I don’t know about Georgia law, but here in Missouri, good ole Quentric would be collared with Murder-Two just for that.

Williams, whose criminal history includes two previous stays in state prison following drug convictions, was shirtless as he was put into a patrol car in the hotel parking lot.

Good for him.  I hope he’s proud of his abs.  Now that we know he’s already a two-time loser, the Feds can come in and add felon-in-possession of a firearm as a backup in case the state’s murder case falls flat, which, considering it will be in The City Too Busy to Hate, is a distinct possibility.

But beyond his athletic skill, Lenix was known for his friendly personality and extreme dedication, Hammond said. Last season, even a knee brace from an injury sustained on stage couldn’t keep Lenix from performing, she said.

Unfortunately, I get the feeling that this will partially explain the crime.




4 responses

17 05 2012

More important than martial arts lessons for childrun, be Da Talk by John Derbyshire.

One doesn’t see a person’s true behavior and values when he is a token minority. Go to where the folks are an empowered majority and observe their behavior there.

17 05 2012

It says he was already in prison twice for drug crimes. Probably drug dealing.

20 05 2012

Anybody who lived near a rough part of town knew who quentric was just never by that name. He was a big time dealer. I promise you a parkinglot at two am was a norm for him. Either lenix was in the wrong place at the wrong time or this was a drug related crime. Which ever way lives were lost. Quentric also had kids Anyone know what happens with them? My heart goes out to everyone effected by this incident. It just goes to show the people you knew as a kid can change in really really dark ways.

20 05 2012

Quentric also had kids Anyone know what happens with them?

My guess is that those apples won’t roll far from the tree.

It just goes to show the people you knew as a kid can change in really really dark ways.

And a lot of other ways. Kids are kids, teenagers are teenagers, young adults are young adults. My most frequent commenter has an axiom: Virtually everyone under 35 is exactly the same, and useless. I just rolled past 35. I suppose in a few years, I’ll agree with him completely.

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