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17 05 2012


NYPD cop busted for providing info to drug traffickers: Feds

An NYPD officer was arrested this morning by federal agents and charged with allegedly providing inside police intelligence and information about fellow cops to a drug trafficking organization.

Devon Daniels, 30, was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Administration and NYPD Internal Affairs detectives and is scheduled to be arraigned today in Brooklyn federal court.

Daniels has been charged with illegally accessing the NYPD’s computer database to provide restricted information to a drug trafficking organization with both Midwestern and New York City connections, officials said.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors said Daniels also gave an official police department parking placard to a drug distributor and tipped the gang to details about cops involved in narcotics investigations.

I dare you to click the link to see the photo.  I think you might be surprised at the suspect.

I wasn’t.

Irony would be if this case gets assigned to a judge that had the NYPD in an affirmative action hiring consent decree.



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17 05 2012

No surprises here people. Move along.

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