Sunday Wrap-Up

20 05 2012


Jamilah Nasheed out in SEN-5-D because she doesn’t live in the district.  Bad news for Jeanette Mott Oxford, because now she’s up against only one black in a heavily black district.

She aced the ACT.  You can pretty much deduce that she does NOT look like a daughter of Obama.

*  First in booze, first in shoes……top ten in dogs biting letter carriers.

*  No more whitopias — This happened in Town and Country.

Want to prevent this in the future?  Maybe Circle K should peddle the notion that the “K” in “Circle K” means KKK.

“He found proof in the overwhelming number of white faces encountered on visits to area construction sites, particularly those outside the city.”

I find that comforting, actually.

Not all news is good news.  “Food stability” in black Africa means an exploding population.

He died at the ER.  This happens about once a year in St. Louis, pizza delivery drivers ambushed.  And I do think this was a pre-planned ambush.  Vic was 22-year old Dan Maksimenko from Ballwin.

This is what happens when you live near the Maginot Line that is Delmar.

“So far, no arrests.”  Thanks, but no thanks.  I can fill in the rest on my own.

No wonder the SWPLs in The Loop don’t want a trolley.  And don’t let their bullshit rationalizations fool you — They know what that “other” trolley with a stop nearby has wrought.

No known motive after all the standard ones are eliminated?  To prove that people are starting to get it, scroll down to the first comment.


An aspiring rapper was arrested.  NOT what you think.  (H/T CofCC)

*  Oh bullshit.  If we have 55 encounters a day with suspected terrorists, this country would be all rubble by now.  What this means is that most of the 55 “terrorists” per day are infants.

Yes, part of this can be blamed on the Obama economy.  But NASCAR is also doing its level best to drive away its most loyal fans, with its “drive for diversity” and no CBFs.

I’m guessing “The Grove” in Los Angeles is the favorite mall of LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTHers in the area.

I think the real reason is that they don’t want to validate a stereotype about the Gayvy…er, Navy.

Pretty soon, it will be a lot more expensive tax-wise to be married.

Which makes me wonder why all these LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTHers want to be married.

Watergate?  Hint:  All vics were Republicans.

I don’t blame the kid.  Choose between three months as a vegetable and one month ambulatory?  Easy.

*  A Federal judge in New York City blocks NDAA.

Less advertising revenue from NPR?  Hello…almost all NPR stations are on the non-commercial part of the FM band.

*  Gadzooks, we found a Chinese product worthy of tariffs.

Do you really think Obama means it?  Considering who most of the perpetrators are and who most of the victims are.

*  Hey, genius.  It’s called a leap frog because of the way frogs (the amphibians, not the French) leap.

You would think he would have picked a better neighborhood.

Apparently not.  The only citizenship-rule that the Feds seem to enforce anymore is the prohibition on many non-citizens owning firearms.

*  I’ve been busy bashing Facebook lately.  Perhaps I should tone it down, because it seems to be a valuable tool for police investigations.

Big spending left wing big cities vs left-wing tax exempt academia.  I don’t care who wins, I just want a good fight.

*  I wanted the National GOP to apportion Missouri delegates based on the February public primary, because I feared this would come back to haunt them in the fall.  I thought the Democrats might find a way to use this against Romney.

Won’t happen now for two reasons:  One, Missouri colored red on election night is a foregone conclusion.

Two, Democrats don’t want to apportion delegates based on a public primary, either.

Proving Delegate McDonough right.

SPLC burn rate is $1.22 per second.

Low humidity in Arizona and Colorado in the month of May.  Who would have f’n guessed?

Another “motiveless inexplicable” crime.  Except the motive and explanation is one that Official America doesn’t want to hear.

Behold the future nuclear physicists who are suspects in the Tampa soldier shooting.

It’s a family value alright, and gosh darn it, it didn’t stop at the border.

No mugs.  But none needed.


*  The Human Animal.  Again.

Those nasty “Brits.”


*  Pardon me, but a man who weighs 350 pounds shouldn’t even be thinking about all you can eat restaurants.

*  Africa Parody Part I.

*  Africa Parody Part II.

Huh?  Fillet Mignon from a five-star goes down is just as ugly.

*  And:

“Kittehs!” — Unamusement Park

Though I’m partial to baby cheetahs.



2 responses

20 05 2012

This is from the Tampa news story:

Tampa police arrested Geroshe Lewis, 18, 4712 W. Wallcraft Ave., at Robinson High School, where he was a student. Police said he was asked to go to the administrative office after school and was arrested there. Steve Hegarty of the Hillsborough County School District says Lewis will not be returning to school, based on the seriousness of the charges.

You don’t say. That bullet was probably only a few inches away from these two geniuses never getting out of prison at all.

20 05 2012

A Federal judge in New York City blocks NDAA.

Don’t the libs know that’s a law aimed at us?

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