Next Time, Get Some Less Obvious Tats

21 05 2012

Pistol between the brows, bullets above the brows.

H/T Thug Report.

Palm Beach Post :

WEST PALM BEACH — A circuit court judge this morning denied bond for a Boynton Beach teen who allegedly murdered a 22-year-old man two months ago in a drug deal gone bad.

Jimmy “Boo Boo” Clemons Jr., 17, was arrested April 25 and charged with first-degree murder for the death of 22-year-old Valley Alexandre who was slain in Lantana on March 16.

Clemons was being held in juvenile detention until last night when he was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, according to jail records. He is now charged as an adult with first-degree murder, armed robbery and delinquent in possession of a firearm.

Clemons stood in front of Circuit Court Judge [*****] this morning wearing a red jail uniform. He spoke only when the public defender said he did not want to be questioned without an attorney present. When asked if that was correct, he muttered “yeah.”

Clemons had been the subject of an intense law enforcement search following the March 17 shooting deaths of his mother and aunt.

When authorities caught up with him in April, they booked him on charges of burglary and weapons possession for allegations that he took his father’s gun “for protection.” Before he could leave custody on bond for those charges, investigators arrested him again, this time for Alexandre’s murder.

Law enforcement sources told The Palm Beach Post the killings of sisters Janice Rahming, 54, and Daphne Clemons, 41, on March 17 were likely in retaliation Alexandre’s shooting the previous day.

The shooting of the two women as they sat on a living room couch exchanging beauty tips so upset the community that Boynton Beach Police Chief Matthew Immler quickly called a town hall meeting to help quell the growing outrage over violence and gang activity.

Immler also implied at the time that the shootings could have been retaliation for another shooting, and law enforcement authorities began looking to bring Clemons in for questioning.

His father, Jimmy Clemons Sr., noticed that his 9mm Ruger was missing from a drawer in his home on March 21. He later learned that his son had taken the gun “for protection when he leaves the house,” according to a probable-cause affidavit.

According to detectives, witnesses have said Clemons wanted to rob Alexandre because he believed Alexandre had a large amount of drugs. Later that night, Alexandre was shot in his car during a drug deal gone bad by two men, one of whom was identified as Clemons by a witness who managed to jump out of the car seconds before Alexandre was killed in Lantana.

“Drug deal gone bad” probably means he was a dealer.  And he needed the gun for protection because of shit he caused, not because he was some innocent choir boy in a “changing” neighborhood.  Knowing that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it is usually true that the tree is close to the apple — Just a hunch, (take that for what it’s worth, because my hunches have been good for nothing today so far), but I bet daddy is a previously convicted felon, ergo not allowed to own firearms.  What argues against it is that there is no mention of him getting arrested for that — I’m sure they would pursue that angle if the angle presented itself.

As for Mr. Clemons the Younger — They can’t use the “turning his life around” excuse.  Not with those tats.




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21 05 2012

The shooting of the two women as they sat on a living room couch exchanging beauty tips, eating Skittles®, and drinking Arizona® Iced Tea.

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