They Forgot “Proactive”

22 05 2012

I was looking at FB’s negative numbers today, and noticed this as the “Description” of this stock’s company:

Facebook, Inc. (Facebook) is engaged in building products to create utility for users, developers, and advertisers. People use Facebook to stay connected with their friends and family, to discover what is going on in the world around them, and to share and express what matters to them to the people they care about. Developers can use the Facebook Platform to build applications and Websites that integrate with Facebook to reach its global network of users and to build personalized and social products. Advertisers can engage with more than 900 million monthly active users (MAUs) on Facebook or subsets of its users based on information they have chosen to share with the Company, such as their age, location, gender, or interests. It offers advertisers a combination of reach, relevance, social context and engagement.

This is a paragraph that can only be written by someone with a straight face who graduated from business school.  Anyone else would bust out laughing so hard that they would piss in their pants.  The only slight opening for that not being the case is that it didn’t use the word “proactive.”

As an aside, there is now a full court press on the part of the business and financial media to throw any and every excuse against the wall and hoping that one or more of them stick, i.e. to make us believe that FB isn’t a turkey stock, and that some externality or perfidy is to blame.  As examples, see this and this.




One response

22 05 2012

If I hear the word “proactive”, I just stop paying attention.

The only sentence in which proactive can the used in a fitting manner is:

The black male was being “proactive” when he said “Hey big guy. Can I ask you sump’in. I don wan nuffin. ……”

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